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A lady with red/orange/ginger/Titian-coloured pubic hair upon her minge. Usually also having the same coloured head hair. But NOT ALWAYS. BEWARE.
"Hello nice Asian lady, may I finger you?"
"FUCK! A ... a carrot cunt?!"
by facadie September 14, 2007
The scent of fat aunties dancing at Christmas.
Last year, I couldn't smack my lips over my Christmas turkey as the aunty fat-whiff in the room was intolerable.
by facadie September 14, 2007
The act of intentionally falling asleep next to a laptop playing old Simpsons episodes, therefore having Simpson-fueled dreams.
Pig: "Morning Fig, time to turn off the Simpsons now ..."
Fig: "No."
Pig: "You're a tool obsessed with Simpsons sleep."
Fig: "D'oh!"
by facadie September 14, 2007
The distinct and pungent male anal/butt scent.
Aaron: "Good morning beautiful, can I have some head?"
Emma: "I would sweets, but your mannish assy whiff is making me gag. It's stunk out the whole bed."
by facadie September 14, 2007
The bitter smell of uncles' stress, often wafting around at family barbecues or functions.
"Don't open wordpad on the computer, it might catch a virus," said Fig's stressed unc.
"I think you may be emitting some uncle-ish stress-whiff, as my nostils are now dysfunctional, presumably as a result," replied Fig.
by facadie September 14, 2007
The scent left on one's fingers after having had them in a vagina, often likened to the earthy smell of potatoes.
After having a vigorous finger-session, Frau Cocosnuss noticed potatoey vag-whiff on her lover's hand.
by facadie September 14, 2007
The filthy wafting odour issuing from a gentleman's unwashed sphincter.
Emma: My house has the strangest fragrance ...
Aaron: No fear babe, 'tis my manly back-hole whiff.
by facadie September 14, 2007

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