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This is a scottish word and can mean two things; 1. In its main context this is used to describe having a red face (i.e blushing)and comes from the word skelp which basically just means slap. After a person is skelped he or she would have a red mark where the contact was made (usually the face) hence they would have a skelper. 2. This word can also be used to describe a person (usually a female) who is less than attractive
1. Youve got a pure skelper by the way. 2. Did you see the burd he pulled last night she was a skelper
by fabiypt February 02, 2007
Rare scottish word meaning ball sack or bawbag this word is seldom used and when it is it is normally used in place of the afore mentioned bawbag to accentuate just how much of a fleshy sac of skin the person you are describing is. Can also be shortened to scrote poke
hes a total scrotum poke i shit you not
by fabiypt February 02, 2007
Replaces the traditional slang word for cocaine charly, charley and more commonly ching. The feminine term gives it a more affectionate edge when referring to cocaine and can also be used discreetly during telephone conversations; Is charlene going to the party tonight? is one way of communicating whether the person you are talking to will have cocaine.
got any charlene?, is charlene going to the party?
by fabiypt February 02, 2007
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