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Superiour master of Kung Fu and other Wu Shu, the only "Hollywoodized" martial artist who ever came close to Bruce Lee's mastery of Kung Fu is Yang Sze (more commonly known as Bolo Yeung, he starred in a number of Bruce's movies, as well as the slew of Van Damme's kickboxing flix -- almost invariably as the bad guy.) Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and especially Brandon Lee, etc., did not come close.

Contrary to the haters' belief, Bruce Lee has had a number of high-publicity fights, including one with Bolo(although not taped.)

Bruce Lee's fighting style, and indeed his whole life, has lots of controversy around it. All that controversy aside, the success Bruce Lee attained cannot be forgotten.
Bruce Lee.
by fM!phil May 28, 2003
Russian slang for condom. Synonymous with faggot and/or asshole.
Alo gandon!
by fM!phil May 28, 2003
Russian, literally "fugly." Popular insult, synonymous with "fucking loser."
Urod, blat!
by fM!phil May 28, 2003
Literally, a queer black man; however, more appropriately applied online, in a joking manner, to describe the local chat-room fag who always speaks ghetto, but says something stupid every now and then (thus showing his true colors).

(Not to say I coined it, but I came up with it before anyone else *that I know*)
Strong Bad.
by fM!phil May 28, 2003
The exhibition of extreme ownership, especially in a video game. Usually used after a physical demonstration of said ownership.
hotknives rides fm\phil's rocket
ThresH rides fm\phil's rocket
highbass rides fm\phil's rocket
fm\nawgah rides fm\phil's rocket
fm\phil: OWNIZ
fm\phil leaves with 670 frags
by fM!phil May 28, 2003

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