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n. a word created by a person or persons under the influence of marijuana.
him: And then ozone was all, y'know--
her: He was all what *SNARK*
him: --he was all, y'know, sixbibblin' on his shirt--
her: sixbibble, what the hell does that mean?
him: it's a stonerism, jb made it up.
her: who's jb?
him: the dude who made up sixbibble, duh.
by f. chong rutherford March 12, 2004
An internet rant, typically found on any instapundit or related site, of a vitriolic nature where the author makes a grand proclimation about murdering one or more people, but then hides behind a handle designed to obscure any semblence of their actual identity for reasons of fear of persecution/personality disorder or general lunacy.
"Someone should blow up all them (insert person and/or party to be blown up here) and teach them a thing or two about civilization!" - Batman99 from Queens
by f. chong rutherford June 03, 2004
1. n. bong water that is accidentally bubbled out of a water pipe's bowl.

2. v. the act of bubbling bong water out of a water pipe's bowl.
1. Oh crap, I got sixbibble all over my new phish shirt, man.
2. Dude, look, Walter just sixbibbled all over himself.
by f. chong rutherford March 12, 2004
1. A stupid piece of excrement person; a contemptible dolt.
2. polite form of dumbshit.
Him: Man, Steve was all stickin' his thumb up his dog's butt again, what a dumb--
Her: Ixnay, my dad is here and he HATES swearing--
Him: --moronturd.
Her: Take my bra off!
Him: Sweet!
by f. chong rutherford March 12, 2004
1. v. Slang
To exert a tremendous, and complicated, amount of effort at cheating a system for very little reward.

2. n. Slang
The act of committing a complicated attempt at cheating a system for very little reward.
1. v. Mrs. Barker tried to volam her grocery store by stealing 200 hundred 'snackpack' coupons to buy pudding for free, but got caught when it turned out the coupons had expired.

2. n. Karl Rove felt stupid after his volam totally failed to get Bart Simpson voted President of the United States as yet another joke on the American people.
by f. chong rutherford June 29, 2006

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