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Currently plays for New Jersey Nets in the NBA. He helped the Nets hold on to a 8th spot in the Eastern Conference Playoffs(2005). While in Toronto, Vince Carter got paid big money to sit on the bench and whine about how much the Raptors organization stinks. He played poorly purposely because he was holding a childish grudge against the organization. He betrayed heart-felt Toronto fans who supported him throughout his career before he sky-rocketed to stardom. People basically hates his cockiness and his lack of professionalism.
Vince Carter is an example of an overpaid athlete
by f()cK!Ng pIe<3 of EfFlNg sHyT! April 25, 2005
Honger - condescending word for hongonese people, which are people from Hong Kong. Hongers usually like to dress homosexually (ie. Girls dressing like guys and vice versa). Their fashion is unique in the sense that they suck cocks and eat pussies. However, I do respect the fact that they actually have the confidence to wear their crap in public. Hongers drive hongonese cars made of crap and steel. Their language consists mostly of weird annoying sounds like "Ga", "Ooa", "Gamahha", "Lo", I could go on but you get the point. Hongonese or Cantonese is basically a language that should absolutely be banned from speaking in public places. As you can see, I have nothing against Hongonese people except the fact that they are gay, annoying, and plain unbearable! For all you hongers out there reading this, here's a message for you, please tone down your gayness and homoness, please! Some of us "normals" just want a nice quiet time in the park, mall, or any other public places you hongers like to invade. And also, please obey traffic laws you homo hongers. I once saw a honger almost hit an elderly because he was driving like a mad mofo! And again, I must restate that I have absolutely nothing against people from Hong Kong. I mean, c'mon, they're people too right? But sometimes people do things that are just plain wrong, such as wearing gay clothing...urg, i'm sorry for being repetitive, this just totally irks me like hell. And honger guys, man are they the worst at sports lol. They just plain suck. I must say this though, badminton and ping pong are not sports so don't say youre athletic if you're only good at those, please! Okay, I'm going to stop ranting now...but remember hongers, please TONE DOWN your gayness, a little bit is better than none. Maybe wear more normal clothing for a start, or obey more traffic rules, or speak more politely. That's all the advice i can give you hongers. You can thank me later in the future for changing you from being gay and unwanted in society to becoming more accepted and welcomed.
Hongers should tone down their attitude, gayness, unpleasantness, homoness, loudness, rudeness, unlawfulness, I could go on...but you get the point.

Hongers suck at sports, but they're good at gay games (ie. badminton, ping-pong, hoola hoops, etc.)
by f()cK!Ng pIe<3 of EfFlNg sHyT! April 18, 2005

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