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A rapper From East Atlanta, Originally Born in Birmingham, Alabama. He moved to Atlanta at a young age. "Gucci Mane"s real name is Radric Davis. Gucci Mane is well known for beef with rapper "Young Jeezy" due to a dispute over the rights of the song "So Icy". Gucci mane Has released 2 cd's "Trap House" a 2005 release and his most recent "Hard 2 kill", Gucci has also release a few mixtapes, one being called "Chicken Talk" Hosted by "DJ Burn One".

Gucci Mane is Famous for many songs such as "Icy", "Traphouse", "My Chain", and "Go Head" Gucci Mane does not have a record deal and occasionally refers to himself as "Sign Yourself" and sometimes saying "Sign yourself off in the building."

Gucci Mane was on Trial for murder by the state of Atlanta but the charges were dropped by the state. His lawyer said his acts were in self defense.
"aww man thats that Gucci Mane, he da realist trapper out the A."

"Did you hear that new Gucci Mane cd, Hard to Kill?"

"Lets bump dat gucci while we trappin dawg."

by ezk88 April 15, 2007
A Drug Dealer who works in a Trap house. Trap Stars are usually very good athletes being able to run fast, shoot fire arms well, and sell drugs amazingly fast. Trap Stars always stay with a firearm because of the money they have and have to protect the drugs and their life for the junkies.
"My Trap house is BUNKIN! We already flipped atleast 20 pounds 10 bricks."

"That man's trap is doing numbers! Damn thats a trapstar."

"We been trappin all day, pockets on swoll like arnold used to be."
by ezk88 April 16, 2007
A type of hydroponic marijuana. Originated in Atlanta, and made popular by Gucci mane (see Gucci Mane). It is a seedless marijuana that is purple with a fruity flavor.
"Man we was smoking on that fire purple thrax. It is so fruity."
by ezk88 April 15, 2007

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