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2 definitions by ezezez

A disease of the speech associated with endless and senseless talking. The one affected is unable to take a verbal break and the one who listens develops a nauseating sensation.
Rigo has been talking nonstop about his ex's boyfriend. A lier, a cheat, fat, ugly.... damn his talkiarrea just makes me want to puke
by ezezez April 05, 2009
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an individual who is able to recycle someone else's trashy fashion.
this person has a penchant for stealing undesirable clothing from friends, relatives and even a dumpster.
applied to the look sported by some people after a night of too much drinking...
Can be used as both a negative and positive adjective.
"John has been dressing with his brother's hand me downs, the whole school thinks he is a slumdog fashionista"
"Annie had way too much vodka last night and pucked all over herself... hhehe she looks like a slumdog fashionista"
"and on the today show.: After these messages... fashion on a budget... the new trend ...slumdog fashionista"
by ezezez April 05, 2009
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