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A objection to an improper use of a word for people try to over-extend their vocabulary by faking like they know elaborate words that they do not. (football rules apply for use of a challenge flag and usually a dictionary gets broken out for an impartial ruling.)
Derek: "I did it of my own reconnaissance, John!"

John: I'm going to have to throw the challenge flag on that. I believe the word you were looking for before your down syndrome set in was; "recognizance."

Derek "How dare you unsurp my authority! You shouldn't correct me, I'm your boss. You need to be more pacific about what you're trying to convey"

John : Yeah i'm going to have to throw to more Challenge Flags. It's "usurp" and "specific."

Derek: "Get the hell out of my office, John."

John: "Better yet Derek, lets fight to the death!"

Derek: "agreed."
by ezekiel2301 February 01, 2010

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