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To fuck someone up, mentally or physically.
I'll edit his head for you, man, once it's over he'll pay up just to get me off his ass.
by Ezekiel March 15, 2004
The cheesey look that every model seems to have in cosmetics comercials.
Linda Evangelista sure has a cockjugger's grin in the new revlon ad.
by ezekiel June 25, 2003
Possibly the most genius of all of Square Soft's erhem..... excuse me.. Square Enix's works. This game takes little bits and peices of all the other FF's and puts them into one ultimate online experience. Play as a valient warrior, the mysterious Black or White mage, mix the two and play as a Red mage, be a low down dirt bag and go Theif, or thrash your enemies with your fists as the Monk. Unlock new classes and make the expirience even more worth while. Play with your friends.... make new friends.... play solo.... you name it. For more information on Final Fantasy 11 visit www.playonline.com and go to the USA link part.
If you would like to play Final Fantasy 11.... I suggest you join the Valefor server to play with all the other cool people. Ask me for a world pass...
Valefor Server
Name: Ezeekiel
by Ezekiel January 20, 2004
racist term that involves the killing of white people by black people because black people feel that they are better than the white people that are getting 'strikelioned'
Shut the fuck up or I'm going to strikelion you, you stupid cracker.
by ezekiel September 21, 2004
Describes a method of narcotic ingestment. The method in particular is by insufflating (snorting, sniffing) any substance to produce a desired high. Insufflating any substance produces a high almost immediatly because the said substance is absorbed in the membrane at the back of the nose and mouth and is allowed to enter the blood stream on contact without the need for digestion. Cocaine, Heroin, Ketamine, Ecstasy, Any prescription drugs, such as oxycontin, Methamphetamine, etc... are all examples of substances that can be insufflated.

The phrase is used in a past tense form, so as to imply one has already insufflated a substance and they are waiting to get high.
-I just popped my exo, wheres yours?
-Awww shiet, it's all in my nasal, im rollin already, your ass has to wait 30 minutes.
-Well, i've got some cain all in my nasal, so im good for right now.
#insufflate #snort #snorted #snorting #sniff #cocaine #ecstasy #roll
by Ezekiel April 22, 2006
Star Wars Reality - A MUD source code
SWR is a very unstable source code!
by Ezekiel March 28, 2005
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