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The act of filling a water balloon with milk, waiting a few days for it to curdle, then throwing it at someone you don't like.
Joe was being a prick, so I threw a curdled balloon him the other day.
by ezbik February 18, 2009
A phrase used in a First Person Shooter game (i.e. Quake 2) when a player repeatedly frags an opponent using grenades only.

lollercaust: I pwn joo newb!

-lollercaust was popped by bloatedface's grenade-

bloatedface: nade clowned nub
by ezbik February 19, 2009
A person of mixed nationality, specifically Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Chinese. Usually of a darker complexion with a beige tint to the skin and slightly smaller and/or slanted eyes.

Can also describe someone of Puerto Rican or Cuban nationality with an obsession with Chinese culture.
Brian is so Cubaricanese. His dad is Chinese, and his mother is Puerto Rican and Cuban.

Dave weirds me out with his obsession with Chinese symbols. He is so Cubanricanese.
by ezbik February 20, 2009
A frag or kill in a first person shooter game that looks fantastic.
Horsenutts just railed Lardface and it was fragtastical. I can't believe he pulled off that shot.
by ezbik February 18, 2009
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