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Begoogle is an offline google moment. Where due to social conditioning if you don't know the answer to something you automatically think of googling it.

Begoogle is hence a word that can display a lack of understanding in any given context.
Hey Jane do you know when Julius Caesar was assassinated?

"umm Begoogle"

Or can be used in the context of:-
Well that question has got me begoogled!
by eyetwoi May 13, 2009
A Bikie is somebody who rides a Harley Davidson or a Cruiser style Bike. Bikies are Generally members of a Bikie Gang.

A Bikie is different from a Biker who is someone who rides any kind of bike. Also termed as a motorcyclist but such a name is generally thought of as uncool.
Hey Jane did you know that John is a bikie.
"really I would have never known, I have never seen him riding a Harley"
by eyetwoi May 13, 2009

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