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A man, usually around the age of 25. Covered with back, front and facial hair and has a receding hairline. Very caring to those he holds near but can easily become annoyed with people around him. Wolfy usually is talented in some artistic way, be it in music or drawing. Has an eye for the right girl and when he is with her he is the happiest he can possibly be. His girlfriend is probably too good to him but they both deserve each other and are lucky to have one another. He isn't the most perfect guy (for all) but he is perfect for that one special girl. Once he finds her he should hold onto her because the two together make a great pair. To sum it up, Wolfy is a handsome, sexy man with a great personality!
You're my Wolfy. Handsome Wolfy. Sexy man Wolfy.
by eyessobeautiful December 08, 2012

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