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A girl from Staten Island. If the specimen is found around the South Shore of the island she is likely to have bad tans, gaudy style and that signature accent. A North Shore Staten Island Girl may not exhibit all these properties, but don't be fooled she is still a Staten Island Girl. Though not likely to have a fake tan and rather than gaudy style, has mad style, her accent still possesses a unique twang. For all the good and bad that can be said about these girls, don't fuck with one if you don't want your ass handed to you. They smoke mad blunts. Staten Island Girls are known to be fearless with reckless abandon when confronted negatively or just having to lay shit down. Treat one right and she will stick by you through thick and thin, cause that's the way her daddy raised her- or maybe not, just don't fuck with them, you'll get your ass handed to you.
Staten Island Girl monologue : aw mah gawwwd yoiur such a biccchtch gwakaka gwakaka gwakaka they would let me in at pachaaa so i went too eclipseee and this guy bawwght me madd drinks but then his tan dripped onto my dress and i thought, oh this is hot and we fucked in the back of his truckk gwaka gwaka gwaka, then he left me and started talking to my friend and shes suck a slut whore bich gwaka gwakak gwaka!
by eyeeaster September 11, 2010

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