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4 definitions by eye

burial chamber: a chamber that is used as a grave
King Tut's sepulchre was huuuuuge.
by eye April 07, 2006
31 6
Most people confuse this with some sort of cannon near the eye of some superhero, but really it is a cannon that shooots large eyes and is operated by nearly anyone. Also the name of a famous intarweb celebrity.
Eyecannon is going to rox0r us with his ferrets and briefcase mods!
by eye April 14, 2003
5 5
J - Z half of the alphabet, worth half a billion dollars.

East coast hip hop artist.
"My money runs from Jay to the fahsheeZee you fuckin' hata's."
by Eye October 05, 2003
67 74
Nep-toon, n. Alien visitors taking the form of young hip hoppers
Neptunes are Star Trak fans upon meeting humans offer the Vulcan geeting, "Live long and prosper."
by Eye October 05, 2003
6 27