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2 definitions by exzachlylove

very lovable girl once you get to know her (she will rob your heart,shes a sweet heart, kind and
compationate, shes sensitive yet she may not show it in her exspretions she
makes, those exspretions XD i love them, very shy!!!, and yet fearless at times,
darling girl, yet mature at times and a goofy klutz, lets just say she runs into
poles a lot, she loves a lot of things except she oly keeps her heart for one
person, shes stunning and gorgeous very i cant describe the words free and yet
doesnt show others, chatter box yet i love to hear every word she says, down to
earth, if you get to met the kaysee im talking about you will be complete
i met this girl yesterday she fell into my arms falling upstairs
whats her name
by exzachlylove February 01, 2009
something you call that is very taste, delicious, yummie, like in willy wanka and the chocolate factory
did you like the meal ?

yes i did it was scrum dilly umptious.
by exzachlylove February 08, 2009