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5 definitions by expo

a wicked cool rapper.
i aint neva scarred
by Expo May 09, 2003
21 17
the view from the back of the head of a chick who is on all fours and creates a heart shape with her butt cheeks.
that chick had nice heart-butt when she was going down on me and i was laying down
by expo May 14, 2013
0 0
black term for wicked, dirty, nyce, filthy, can be used in a positive note
"g my ((P)) farms are all grimey an shit"
by Expo May 09, 2003
14 19
A very albino person
Denk is a ugly albino.
by Expo May 19, 2003
18 40
a nasty black name
"yo g, we b chillin jaheim blazin and shit Nig"
by Expo May 09, 2003
4 29