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Since Chinese people confuse their L's with R's, the name of my Asian friend "Phil" is now called "Phir"
Herrow Phir! Hao ah yoo doiin today? PHIRRRRRRRRRR!
by Ewok April 27, 2004
A circuit-breaking device that the folks in the Star Trek series really need to use, since every damn power disruption destroys their electronics systems in every damn episode.
After watching Star Trek, I learned that in the 24th century, people will forget to install fuses in their electronics systems.
by Ewok August 21, 2004
The word Chink spelled backwards, used to be racist to a chinese/asian person without them knowing
Damn, Ping Lao is such a knihc, and so is Wang Chung
by Ewok April 25, 2004
Some crappy Star Trek movie.
Star Trek Nemesis SUCKED ass.
by Ewok October 09, 2003
to vigorously feast at a woman's privates.
why don't you do me now and i'll chewbacha you later.
by Ewok November 13, 2002
Comes from the show "Viva La Bam" as said on a regular basis by Bam and his friends.
Raab, were gonna order you a wife!
by Ewok April 26, 2004
one who drives a drag weapon in example a toyota corolla,one who has benitle herpes in his hands from bashing the bishop,one who milks bulls and puts the milk on his rice bubbles,one who listens to vengaboys on his audio strada 40x4 extreamly loud car stereo
by ewok July 28, 2003

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