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a group psychotic friends named after melon fucker(s)
Oh damn the melfos are up to their old tricks again...
by ew December 12, 2004
Lifeless idiot who threatens other people to "omg teh h4><0r j00 lol".
He just acting stupid, like an Evil Primate.
by EW May 26, 2004
apple mango soda; someone with the initials A.M. with the "soda" added on to camoflauge the true meaning.

variation: hawaiian apple mango.
hawaiian apple mango lives on!
by ew December 12, 2004
um boonton you guys are a bunch of wanna be ghetto kids but really u live in boonton which is like right next to mountain lakes u live in the fucking suburbs for god sake ur not tough shit like u think and sorry that us people from mountain lakes have money and nice things like why is it necessary for u to hate us for that because ur jelous...alright and greco is not a laker and never will be cuz shes an orange bitch that looks like a fucking ugly ghetto boonton dragqueen
yo im from boonton and i hang out at walmart cuz im that cool
by ew April 09, 2005
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