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no not the suckie musical, the animal. cats are the greatest animals alive, but thats just my opinion. all my friends dont like cat's, but i think there the greatist animals ever. i say this because i luv cats. espashaly my cat, moriss. :)
"KITTY!!! i just luv cats! dogs are ok, but cats rule!!!"
by evil girl August 08, 2007
MARILYN MANSON: THE SEXY godlike goth who makes the best music ever .He is very VERY sexy.his best allbum is antichrist super star. he is the BEST.
" i LOVE marilyn manson!!!"
by evil girl August 27, 2007
the guy who lives in hell hurting peaple and comanding deamnons on earth to be total ass holes
"satan is cool, somtimes i cant whait to die."
by evil girl August 08, 2007
hell is a place the bad peaple go, and its whare i too hope some day to go, because they play rock music, goths are welcome, and you can watch the devil shove a pinapple up hitlers ass every day at 4:00
"i cant whait to die, even though ill go to hell"
by evil girl August 08, 2007
a cool and slightly creepy way to get revenge. IT is also a religin, voodun to be presise. voodoo is done all over the world for many difrent reasons, monny, love, hate, luck, and revange.in my opinion it is a fabulus way to gain respect...hehehe >:)
"To get get revenge on that back stabing ass munch i'll make a voodoo doll. that'll show him... HAHAHAHA!"
by evil girl August 08, 2007
a stupid spoyald hore who dosent know how to sing, dance, or be a parent.
"i HATE britny spears!!!"
by evil girl August 08, 2007
a tiny little part of new york that thinks its a state (but its realy not)
dude 1 "new jersy is not a state ,and nomater how much we argue its still not a state"

dude 2 "fine, ass hole its not a state"
by evil girl August 08, 2007
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