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Used to describe anything that is very, very good.
My parents gave me a new Ferrari 575M Maranello for my birthday. It's teh sex.
by Evil Timmy January 03, 2004
The state of pain and discomfort caused by an interrupted session of fellatio. Can happen for a number of reasons, including (a) calling the girl by a name that's not hers, especially the name of an ex she knows about (b) turning on the TV in the middle of getting head (c) interruption by a third party, especially parents or other authority figures (d) the girl having had too much to drink earlier and needing to throw up right there and then (with it ending up on your shoes, trousers, and possibly lap). Results in almost cramp-like pains in the groin and/or abdominal areas. Sometimes used as a way for a girl to inform a guy she's breaking up with him.
1) I have blue balls, because I forgot and called my girlfriend by my ex's name.
2) Jimmy got blue balled when the girl he was feeding drinks to had to throw up.
by Evil timmy September 02, 2005
Request for comment - traditionally, the way standards were implemented on the web. Someone proposes a set of rules for a certain action, others comment on it, and it's eventually finalized. Applications will often say they conform to RFC something-or-other to prove they interoperate with basic standards. The RFC most people use daily is RFC2616, aka HTTP/1.1
Someone needs to draft an RFC for a stab-idiot-IRC-users-in-the-face protocol.
by Evil Timmy September 27, 2003
Often used by ER patients or anyone lying to authority figures. An acronym for Standing On the Corner, Minding my Own Business. When you don't want someone to know what you've been doing or who you've been with when an event happened, it's the first thing to spring to mind. Frequently, SOCMOB also involves "some guy".
I was SOCMOB when a bullet happened to whiz by and catch me in the shoulder. Really. -Gang Member

There I was, SOCMOB, and this brick just fell from a building and hit me on the head. -Drunken husband who tried his hand at masonry late at night and doesn't want his wife to think he's an idiot
#s.o.c.m.o.b. #minding my own business #lying #myob #emergency room
by Evil Timmy February 08, 2006
Literally refers to young children, who often have colds but don't wipe their nose. Commonly used as a derogatory term to describe someone who is childish in behavior or appearance.
These snot-nosed kids tried to get into this club with their fake IDs, but the bouncer threw them out.
by Evil Timmy November 18, 2003
An extended and very sarcastic form of stfu. Uses military/ham radio lingo for each letter.
A: Hey, did you hear about what I did with my girlfriend on the kitche-
by Evil Timmy February 17, 2004
1. Relaxing, chilling out
2. (Geeky) Period of time when a server or service is unavailable
1. I've been working all week, let's get a bottle of vodka and have some downtime at my place.
2. There was some downtime on SlashDot earlier today, and thousands of nerds were later found dead, of self-inflicted stab wounds.
by Evil Timmy November 22, 2003
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