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Preps are the kind of people that value money more than anything else. They will double cross their friends creating drama for no reason.
This doesnt bother me. skaters will be skaters and preps will be preps. They each have their own idea of a good time and wat they want to get out of life. The only problem i have with preps is their must fit in mantality. They all care wat other ppl think about them over wat they kno they wanna be. Other ppl wouldnt have such a low opinion of them if they didnt earn it. In my book its better to serve a night in jail fighting for wat you believe in than going to the mall finding the next "big" thing that everyone else wants.

Ok so now all you preps out there reading this trying to figure out wat people think of you are saying "well at least im not a dirty scum in jail". Well to tell you the truth Jessica Simpson would not last a second if she went bankrupt. Rich ppl arent always like that. Jessica Simpson is a POP star. She doesnt do anything for herself. Thats all pop culture will ever do to you. You fall into the trap that you'll become just like her.......you wont. Advertisement have you buying stuff that will make you "cool"......it wont.
Now wat good is a country were you can be unique and speak out if everyone wants to be like everyone else. Overall this is the problem with the human race. We always want more and 999 out of 1000 of us will do something thats easier to be "popular". That 1 person though...they will be truly happy and not pursue wat the media persieves to be the good life. They will be the indiviual that will know when they die they will have done something they believed in.

Prep: antonym:individual

AE and Abercrombie: im a skater as you might have guessed and i shop here too. I have no problem with these company but i also shop at places like TJ Maxx and Walmart and skateshops and music stores. Im constantly looking for how i can be a individual. Somehow in my mind this makes me feel better. Ragging on someone elses clothes arent going to make me feel any better.

I would have no problem with preps if they didnt think they were better than everyone. and coming to realize this will bring about them being more individual. im not saying they have to be skaters or anything close to that.

America was founded by individuals braking out of the English society. Now im afraid that we are turning into wat our founding fathers protested against. They were the true rebels.
by everyone took the good names January 14, 2006

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