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When something is so incredibly stupid it would take an entire city of morons to realize it's idiocy. Phonetic origin is the title of the song Suffragette City. Can we exclaimed in the manner of that tune.

Or a place where stupid people go.
An stupid corny moment occurs on a dumb TV show.

Viewer looks at friend in awe and exclaims: "Stup-a-dupe City!"
by everybody laughs August 07, 2011
very hungover
"Dude, last night was wild."

"Oh yeah, youre hurtin' like murtin'?"

"Yeah, I'm murt hurt."
by everybody laughs August 07, 2011
Derivative of "wiggity-wack."

Something terrible.
yeah man, wig city
by Everybody Laughs August 11, 2011
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