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Of, pertaining to or sharing characteristics with the work or ideas of Noam Chomsky

see also Chomskyan
That's a kinda Chomskian position
by evelyn waughfare November 26, 2003
Noun, plural term for the Newcastle charva
'Charvae think they're scary and hard, but in fact they're just very, very, VERY funny' or 'charvae are like larvae, except they don't grow'
by evelyn waughfare November 24, 2003
New, alternate and more insulting word for charva
'Here, yar a right fuckin' mumpa, ye thick cunt'
by evelyn waughfare November 23, 2003
Noun, NE England. New word for charva that succeeds as an insult due to the mumpas' reluctance to 'reclaim' the term. See charva for full description.
'HA HA HA, you witless, fetid, stinking, sweaty, fucking short-ass MUMPA'
by evelyn waughfare November 24, 2003
See mumpa. This is the word in the ascendance to describe a charva.

Synomyms: Wretched, pathetic, in-bred, teenage parents, examples of the need for birth control, catalogue-shoppers, fraudsters, debtors, doomed, cracker-spawn, unwanted, under-nourished, foolish, narrow, ultra-plebian, bastard children, unloved.
'Mumpas like to pretend to be rich, but they are in fact the poorest and most wretched people in the whole of the British Isles'
by evelyn waughfare December 03, 2003
In-depth defintion, PART FOUR:
Popular charva hobbies and pastimes include theft, fraud, fire and accruing large amounts of debt from Crazy Georges (now Bright House) which gives way to one of their favourite pursuits of all - moving house and changing their identity for the purposes of obtaining more credit. Most charvae hence owe anywhere upward of £20,000 and have multiple warrants out for their arrest. They are also keen larceners. However, competing over the most comprehensive and colourful criminal record is perhaps the most enduring folk-sport among charva-kind. At leisure (or in cells), favourite charva TV shows include 'Police, Camera, Action', 'Hard Bastards' and the profound observations aired by Trisha give them their early morning thinking-matter, which braces them for a hard day of drinking and teaching their toddlers to swear while simultaneously smacking them for asking questions. Charvae on the whole do not own cars, though a popular pursuit is to steal one to see how the other half live, then torch it out of envy. Charvae also do not enjoy carrying weapons of any description, against the popular belief. This is only because most cannot afford them, plus the fact that no-one will sell them to charvae in the wise belief that they would deploy them for sport at a moment's notice.
Popular charva hobbies and pastimes include theft, fraud, fire and accruing large amounts of debt from Crazy Georges
by evelyn waughfare November 29, 2003

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