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a very preppy, very wealthy town in westchester, just bordering on rye neck, and mamaroneck/larchmont. the town is SPOTLESS, and kids swathed in lacoste and polo, collars popped, crowd into starbucks, cosi, and the gap. EVERYONE IS BLONDE, BLUE EYED, AND READY FOR A LIFE OF YACHTS AND IVY LEAGUE DIPLOMAS.

and yes, the boys are so hot.
"I went out with this guy from Rye who was totally prepped in is going to yale"

"Lets go to coldstone in Rye and then pick up some Juicy Jeans at Ragz"
by Eve December 24, 2004
One of these sandwhiches will take a year off your life.
After Jim ate the 'fat bastard' he went into cardiac arrest.
by Eve March 27, 2005
a combo of focus and concentrate or to focus and concentrate
I need to focustrate on my work
by eve December 05, 2004
crying father.. or make a lot of noise..
He likes to Kaobei alot.. means he likes to complain or make alot of noise..
by Eve July 04, 2003
a pair of shoes that are through;busted shoes
oh my god look at those biscotties that nigga got on
by eve April 19, 2005
The last hour of your working day when all you can think about is going for that long awaited pint!
4pm - swilliminence has just set in
by eve October 01, 2004
precious, adorable, or cute.
Your puppy is just as skibblin as can be.
by eve November 21, 2003
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