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Nickname for a boy (17-30ish )in the British Royal Airforce.
Gets in fights with Matlows
Likes to drink a lot and pull (snog, shag)any Shaz, Tracy or Janner they find.
A female Crab will pull any Matlows, Crabs or Pongos she can find.
"Oi, watch it mate the Crabs are coming down to Plymouth!"
by Eva January 07, 2004
a person who spends their days next to the computer all day long. Moles usually spend their time cooped up in their little holes and so this relates to how the "moleman" people are on the computer for the whole day.

you can also use this expression for a woman.. molewoman
Bob: Hey Sharyll what did you do last weekend
Sharyll: Nothing really just stayed in my room and browsed the internet.
Bob: what a molewoman.
by eva January 22, 2005
Often used in fanfiction circles.
Can mean sadness, or happynesss or can just be used to make you sound cute and innocent.
"So are you agreeing I'm right on this?"
by Eva December 14, 2003
Any slender object used when rolling a joint, to "poke" the weed in.
"Can I use your earring as a poker?"
by Eva February 27, 2005

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