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skull-et, A hairdoo that's more of a 'condition' in which a man, usually of Southern USA persuasion, grows the remaining hair he has real long in the back. The drummer from Fleetwood Mac used to sport this monstrosity. The kicker to the skullet is that the man has to be butt bald on top. Hence the name SKULLet
Me- Damn dude, the whole deep south is sporting the rad mullet; with their country asses.

kid- Except that old trucker has the whole SKULLET thing going on!

Me- He even has a chain on his camoflage wallet.

kid- Hot diggity dawg!
by euroyankee November 15, 2005
One of the mythical accusations sent in daily email format chock full of red state hysteria- decrying Presidential candidate Barack Obama's alleged ties to Islam, Communism and unpatriotic themes. These are usually forwarded by disenfranchised conservative acquaintances who cling to their guns and religion.
John: "That Barack "Hussein" Obama is fixin’ to take over the whole wide world with his radical Muslim, communist, gay, flag burnin' conspiracy agenda. Not on my watch!" (…spits tobacco into a Styrofoam cup.)

Bud: "That's what we refer to in the industry as an Obamyth." (…as he deletes 37 forwarded emails about Obama)
by euroyankee August 13, 2008

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