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36 definitions by europopian

A place where insane people live. Insane food. A town with liars and dark people that try to find wierd times to hang out with normal people. Insane things to do. Infested with drugs and losers. Insane talk. Poor tastes. Some kind of wierd compulsiveness and just completely lack self confidense. Kindof like a hobo. They make up places they work or things that they are doing. Are ugly and have deranged looks in their eyes. On top of that they are assholes. The town itself is just sad. They are wierd and scary.
Everyone I have met from Palmerton has lied while they talked to me.

The girl from Palmerton walked to my house to bum a cigarette off me and told me she was at a wild party in her town when she was 14 years old. Talked about a boy. "Yeah we did star six nine."

The boy from Palmerton lied about his job and asked me on a date, he seemed slow.
by europopian September 01, 2009
Depressed Lesbian Syndrome

When a depressed lesbian goes to another lesbian for attention and then gets turned down.

The depressed lesbian may then use slurs like Bitch and Slut, or steal your birthday presents and give you the curse eyes while you're in the next room on the toilet.

Depressed Lesbian Syndrome is an act of upmost slutterly and even worst can result in damaging other lesbians; damaging themself the most.

THe deppressed lesbo is in a midlife crisis too soon and is incapable for it's own actions and responsiblities. She may turn to man for attention, ruining her reputation into a prostitute or hooker whore. Unlike the Depressed Fag Syndrome, DLS is the bipolar opposite. They lie, cheat and steal from everyone and everyone reflects on their sour actions and hurt the hearts of many.
Cari suffers from DLS and she needs to be treated after stealing all of those girls belongings.

DLS results not only in deaths of hooker girls, but makes Carmen Electra look good.

Those girls on DLS ruined my birthday and I'm never going to party again.

Why do the guys on DFS sleep with the girls on DLS when they seriously stole money and other things while the nice girls were simply asleep?

Why are we friending people that are on DFS and DLS they are untrustworthy?
by europopian December 10, 2009
Sticker fingers, blind dater who likes blow jobs something called a star six nine for him and her.
english teacher or some other teacher.
by europopian August 07, 2009
Didn't use her own clothing to look good in school or college, copied someone else's style. Likes a blow job. Drinks underage. Worries about her boyfriend and other woman and grabs on stuffed things at night. Only ever likes her hair long. Isn't conservative and maybe is even a fucking petafile. Her providers must pet her files. Talks about who's she's associated with to complete strangers. Is pushy and demanding. Cruel to vaginas and doesn't care to her own breath.
That English Teacher is going to ruin Philadelphia please let a male teacher work there instead.
by europopian September 01, 2009
The name of Mother Criminal.

To steal a wallet and pretend to be the owner of it at a bank, and rob about $300-$700 out of wallet holders bank account.

To hold oneself as nothing but a jewel.
Juli told her play pal to steal a rabbit from the mini mall and then gave it to a pet store.
by europopian May 07, 2009
Smoking hot and Jaded. This is a name given to girls, who are on fire. Literally, always burning in hell, they will touch you and you will feel like you are decieved except unaware. Cari is the name of Sister Criminal. Very envious of others, and constantly tries to cute up her sex appeal. May steal gold, ruby's, sweaters, cd's, or anything that she can be turned on to. Life isn't an expense in her eyes, it's her own pirates chest.
Cari blinded Anika with her gorgeous smile and then stole Anika's gold necklace she hadn't even worn yet.
by europopian May 08, 2009
can't sweep the mom's floor to keep it clean. Stuck almost half naked and smelling like her cooked beans.
strip hard day and night so they can brush their teeth because if they stank they just wouldn't mean a thing.
Get pretty rough. They can have your money before you knew what it's was. Because the government goes to shiyt and they have to play it to win.
Pay the important things in the government. They make sure our money is very well spent.

They walk around smelling like flowers and very proud. They screw around, tease and strip. Are half naked where it's a hot place to live.
The strippers have to play it to win.

Those strippers are rough.
by europopian July 14, 2009