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placae to lock up the insane with bad provoking judgement, mental flaws, are crazy, and have bad uncontrollable, jeering and spasmic actions. initially made for people that have ever had more than one lover in thier day, make false accusations and carry out further function overdoing it, lie, kill, cheat, steel, sin and know they do it and carry out thier ridiculousness to other people or environment. Made for people that have sex with animals, objects, dead carcuses and fecal matter. People in a state of euphoria. People that have mental disorders of any kind. Stopped maybe in the 1800's because it wasn't fair. That was one time.
Strat loved a girl in his head and was locked in a mental asylum, until she showed herself so the wardens knew she actually did exist.

Those skinny vampiric looking, pale people over there with those little sharp crooked teeth were raised from a woman that escaped a mental asylum.
by europopian August 07, 2009
A slut with multiple forms of DNA inside of her body adopted from different men or women.
I saw old slushy sluts stalk and expose themself to my little brother on myspace.
by europopian September 18, 2009
a deathly light tone spoken by someone that kills.

a deathly light source to stun.
girl: "Her tone is death defying."

little boy "What ga?"

girl "Leave her alone; that's enough. She's going to pass out, ew."
by europopian September 16, 2009
Person trained to aim guns, shoot guns, wears a cop uniform, and hold a position in a police officers unit, but doesn't do their job. Looks at the protestutes, doesn't really have the nose for suspecting anything fishie while something fishie is going on. Doesn't just like donuts, but likes little kids too. Usually grubby hands. Will let people he knows that speed or do drugs go if catches them, like coke heads or a jock with a nice vehicle. Or an insane or insane jock in a nice vehicle.
That cop knew me because I played baseball with his son in school, and when he like caught me with coke he let me go, because he said he knew me.

Artificial cop.
by europopian August 26, 2009
A really fucking old mean man. Also he litters everywhere. Gets rid of his sap.
"Zoke threatened to kill me what the hell."

"Yeah dude, Zoke's fucking crazy we just like to own over his ass"
by europopian September 01, 2009
Coming from Curtis.
Family Buchanan.
Often used amongst royal families to name a girl after kindness to all.
Able to share what the world feels.
not afraid of the suffering and diseased and often naming over the poor, selfliss, and disobediant.
can delete harm.
Seeks justice for valuables.
Courtney told her it was okay, the damage is done, there comes a brighter day.
by europopian April 24, 2009
A gemini man that can also be called Amazing. He is one of a kind. Thee best man.
A cowboy made your clothes. A cowboy made your dinner. A cowboy made you a house. A cowboy made you love. A cowboy made you. He's a Godly cowboy.
by europopian September 01, 2009

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