36 definitions by europopian

a girl who doesn't understand a Scottsman. Especially when the scottsman is ready to tear them through a rough for mot making any sense and stinking the clean.
Fucking stupid girl.

Quit your fucking stupid girl drugs.

You stupid girl there are babies.
by europopian September 07, 2009
summer, sipping on mixed drinks, pretty, cook out, fire, music, band, dance, wet, party, mts, half naked, cute, love spread like peanut butter and jelly
It's hot by the mountains.
by europopian July 19, 2009
non stop shit talk out of mouth, or ass..
She had some asschime as I see swearing about that mans filthy jacket.
by europopian July 30, 2009
One that has literally gone off the handle and has not come to reality yet will intrude on any valued righteous individual with sputters and spurs. Meaningless empty words of instances beyond an existing aspect of what is being put upfront. The sound of one outshitting themself with every aspect that is handled improperly; notions being disperted out of the head straight to the ass instead.
We only hear the asschime and just dont see, all the while they tilt the face and look deranged. They are unable to conciously make an effort to live freely as they try to make with a wary sitaution with complete lack of devotions, pride or interest.
by europopian April 21, 2009
A town that has a large central that doesnt breathe. Have been trying to get what the word "bounce" means since the early 1900's. Through years have coxed their jolly neighboring town and fought with them over school money, forcing the best of the folk's kids to freeze and walk past an opened crazy assylum on a main road after school and then not walk with side walks while strange drivers pull up to them and ask them if they want a ride. This was due from them shoving money up their ass so they can make a bike track to let their fat asses take off and fly. They don't like the look of student safely walking home, instead they try to make tramp trains along with very ill and adle fingers.
Well I might not feel, so maybe I better take a good long trip down a fingered up fitness trail in Slatington
by europopian April 21, 2009
Man who drives horses, or cars, here to make your life not a living nightmare anymore because he may know everything. While you are just a piece of the puzzle. Basically the uys on top.
The gardan was riding a cute pretty horsie.
by europopian September 01, 2009
from Scotland. Toughest of the three tribes. Strongest legs. Thickest skin. Hulky, but not that the fat can see. Excellent with controlling alcohol. Sometimes breaks things from their muscles in use, they're kinda used to the E in effort. Personalities like cute little fresh flowers.
You're not nothing unless you're a Scotts. For Scotts anyway.
by europopian September 07, 2009

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