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1. To have a wealthy backer provide support to someone who will publicly oppose and trash you, usually in politics, and usually from your own party.

2. To be ignored or treated as a second class citizen.
1. That red neck asshole voted for a tax increase on people earning over $1 mil a year. Now he’s getting primaried by another red neck asshole that Fox news convinced to run.

2. The waitress with the huge religious necklace heard us poking fun at Fox news for trying to get Petraeus to run for president; and now we’re getting primaried. Let’s go eat somewhere else.
by euphemismo December 29, 2012
A lot slower than "going viral"
Gal 1: "why did you do the FB post on that stupid shit about sweaty sex with animals?

Gal 2: "It's going viral."

Gal 1: "Sorry, you may get 3 likes at the most. It's going fungal."
by euphemismo October 21, 2012
Avacation: av-ah-key-shuhn The non-job of famous, gifted people who get paid millions for performing their gift, e.g. world class athletes and actors.
If you have an avacation, no need to work.

My avocation is flipping burgers in Boston, but there are probably thousands of pro athletes who only have an avacation.
by euphemismo July 16, 2012
Getting screwed by a bank, restaurant, company, or government that charges you for 6 of an item and delivers 5.
OH MAN, I bought that beer and got the Banker's six-pack: one of them was empty cause the top blew.

SHIT!: I did the drive-thu for dogs and paid for 6 and only got 5. There goes the Banker's six-pack again.
by euphemismo December 21, 2011
The opposite of Tebowing. An irreverent man standing around pretending to play with a female nipple while another man is Tebowing.
(At a Denver Broncos football game) What's that guy doing while Tim is on one knee praying?

He's teatbowing, pretending to play with his girlfriend's nipple.
by Euphemismo November 20, 2011
the daily exercise need of avid joggers and hikers
BFB (Big Fat Blob): "Hey OBF, you wanna go get a Big Mac?"

OBF (One-percent body fat): "No thanks, Blob, I've got to go get my trail fix."
by Euphemismo July 05, 2011
Blowing up your political career because of sexual misbehavior.
Politician Anthony Weiner just had a premature ejaculection. The crotch shot lies are turning him into a pariah with his fellow Congressional democrats.

He's right behind John Edwards whose ejaculection just got him indicted.
by Euphemismo June 06, 2011

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