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5 definitions by eugene lee

doing gook stuff like: being korean, eating kimchi and bulgogi, going to koreatown.
i'm off to do some gookage in ktown
by Eugene Lee May 25, 2006
an emoticon depicting a walrus
from left to right: top of its head, eyes, mouth, tusks
crikey, look at the size of them tusks on that walrus!

by eugene lee January 18, 2007
a small eugene. comes in a short, smoking, trenchcoat wearing flavor.
dude: yo smallgene, go make a drunken ass of yourself
smallgene: nah chills yo
by eugene lee January 18, 2007
a way of saying "no, chill out" in another fashion.
dude, go do this and that so you look like an idiot
nah chills yo!
by eugene lee January 18, 2007
a north gook, rather a north korean. one is hard to find because he would have to sneak out of north korea into china, and then from there be smuggled elsewhere.

sometimes has nukes
oh no, that nuking nook is coming after us!
by Eugene Lee August 24, 2006