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4 definitions by etrnty

1. A very smart person who bases his or her arguments on facts from books

2. To have brains
1. Wow that girl in the far back corner is a booksmart.

2. That guy has booksmarts

brains smart books arguments
by etrnty May 04, 2009
a person who uses his or her unique genius to do very bad things. Its usually a person who is slick and can get away with anything. This person can make up convincing lies or stories on the spot.
That guy got out of detention and made a very convincing lie to the police to get out of jail. He's such a booksmart devil.
by etrnty May 06, 2009
a person who roams around the streets always alone either at night or day and always taking notice of things that other people dont
That girl is such a streetwise angel. one time i saw her walking to the park at 2 in the morning.
by etrnty May 06, 2009
Its a phrase that is said after any awkward moment of silence. It refers to a tumbleweed.
okay?? Cactus thingy...

awkward silence tumbleweed
by etrnty May 04, 2009