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Flashlight (noun)
A Photon is a subatomic light wave/particle.
A Cannon is a device that shoots something.
Thus a Photon Cannon is a device that shoots Light.
Protoss Player <to all>: "HAHAHAHA! my dragoons just pwned ur hydras like there all photophobic! ROFLMA"--NUCLEAR LAUNCH DETECTED.--"OH SHIT!"
Zerg Player <to Terran ally>: "gj"
Terran Player <to Zerg ally>: "thx hehe >:)"
by etox May 15, 2004
Mountian Dew. (noun)
A popular soft drink.
It is green, and is very sweet. Hence the name: Green Tasty
Oh no! I have spent all my money on them Green Tasties! Mmmmm... mmm... yum! :)
by Etox May 07, 2004

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