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The only Roi Le L'amour of your heart. An exceedingly sweet, deeply sensual, romantic and bewitching man who will spark a flame of passion you've never experienced before and never will by any other man. His desirable smile and hypnotic gaze will entice your being to melt. A charming man who is so generous with his love, he will romance you with his poetic verses, till they sweetly ring into your ears while you lay sleeping soundly. He's fond of the arts, literature, cadbury chocolate, science, universal knowledge, moccasins, sultanas, fireflies, coffee (preferably latte), poptarts and traveling. Along with the undeniable magnetic attraction you'll feel, you know you'll feel safe and protected in his strong but gentle arms. A mystical man with a charming sensual intensity, his embrace will leave you wanting nothing more than to remain in his arms for eternity and beyond.
The man of my dreams has come to life... only Cameron
by ethnicrapunzel May 26, 2010

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