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3 definitions by etc

Punching a girl in the head when you're about to cum while doing her doggy style. She then gets all tense and her butthole squeezes your cock and you feel a great orgasm.
When i doggy punched your mom and i cummed a river.
by ETC April 11, 2003
pl. girahs
a unit of time defined as 3.5 days or one half week.
I havent had sex in almost 5 girahs.
by etc July 20, 2004
A gaylord. Like a batty-man but a Suss-man. A "man" who likes to get drilled in the chocolate socket by large pork pipes.

Don't go to the east side...you're bound to encounter those pesky sussmans!

Synonyms: Gay, Batty Man, Gaylord, Queen, Batty Boy, Queer-bitten-homo

Antonyms: Cool, Manly, Suave, Attractive to women
by ETC June 19, 2006