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(is-did) A word to the affirmative. To be in agreement with someone or to acknowledge one's own actions. An alternative to fo sho, fo shizzle, word or yes.

"Did you get all up in LaFawnda's squishy bits last night"?

by etb31 April 11, 2008
the warm, wet, squishy parts of a woman's vagina that can only be felt by well endowed men. Anyone can go "balls deep" but only real men can hit the squishy bits.
ex.1 "I was hit'n that shit so hard last night that I got all up in them squishy bits."

ex.2 "I can't wait to see Shiesha tonight, I'm gonna bust dem squishy bits up! Izdid"!
by etb31 April 12, 2008
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