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Internetter refers to someone who is highly knowledgeable of Internet based references & social networking tools.
He is a highly accomplished Internetter
by EStarr August 26, 2009
Person who tweets from multiple locations.
That Twitternetter was twexting with his mobile Internet device via WiFi because his cellphone did not have a signal.
by EStarr August 26, 2009
A value that is a scaleable representative to someone's overall social media footprint. The more social media websites an individual interacts with, the higher value they contian.
He is conscious about his socialmetrics value.

They use socialmetrics to help increae brand awareness.
by EStarr February 25, 2010
Any application that you find to be crappy
It was crapptastic, don't waste your time downloading it

do not install that crapptastic app
by EStarr May 09, 2010
An opinion that you get from a Ho
Thank you for your hopinion

That skank had a really bad hopinion

If I were you, I would not listen to his hopinion

Freaking Ho(s) and their hopinions

Hopinions are just like buttholes, every ho has one and every one stinks.

Ho Ho Hospinions
by EStarr September 06, 2009
Any application that you find to be fantastic
It was apptastic

his app was so apptastic

I downloaded an apptastic game

Keynote is apptastic on the iPad
by EStarr May 09, 2010
Short for Retarded Escapade . . .
Intention to complete an (a)action(s) FAIL due to someone else's inability to comply / comprehend.
I asked him for the AMEX card, he said he didn't have it, I Tardcapaded for 10 minutes looking for it, all over the house and out in the truck, everywhere. I asked him to help me find it, he stood up and took it out of his pocket, saying " oh I had it , sorry!" Damn Tardcapade

I Tardcapaded around the house like forever looking for the keys, only to eventually find them still in the keyhole, freaking Tardcapade.

They went on a 20 minute Tardcapade trying to look for something HE misplaced...

Going to the store to get two or more of something and they only have 1, or nothig is a Tardcapade.
by EStarr December 14, 2009

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