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When yo name is Bah Bay BOO... you pull hoez like its nothin, yo shot on da bball court is so damn wet, your one sexy basterd, and your pro at bowling.
Girl- Damn is that Bah Bay BOO over there goin pro at bowling?

Other girl- Duh who else is that fine while bowling and pullin hoez.
by estachink July 07, 2010
short for maybe
Money- Yo somes you be playin xbox in a bit?

Somes- Maybz... but i think im hunting with my dad after i get done sewing quilts with my mom
by estachink July 05, 2010
short for probably
E Rock- Hey Bah Bay BOO you be hungry brou?

BahBayBOO- Yeah probz in a lil bit main.
by estachink July 05, 2010
short for probably not
Bud - Hey brou wanna go windsurfin?

Prick- Probz not bud...
by estachink July 05, 2010
the action of sprinting in a fast manner
Erock- My manz waz hookin doe

Bud- Yeeea my nigguh you gots dat right main
by estachink July 05, 2010
when your on da bball court and you cant miss cuz your to damn soaked to miss
Eric Duncan- Damn main you be to damn wet lemme get you a sham wow

Bah Bay BOO!- yeah i know main im gettin wet
by estachink July 05, 2010
not kidding, no jokes, your not messing around
Steve- Bro i just bought a new tshirt

Phil- Like no games bro so did i
by estachink July 06, 2010

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