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3 definitions by esspat

an indication that something erotic is going on in your pants.
Teacher: Put your blazers on, it's not over 25 degrees.
Pat: Oh, it's over 25 degrees alright... IN MY PANTS!
by esspat October 24, 2003
66 31
1. A standard greeting/question of people who are cool, which is answered by repeating the same phrase.

2. A neutral response to huge insults.

1. Josh: Hey man, what's up?
Pat: Hey man, what's up?

2. Josh: Go back to Wesburn, Captain Communal Showers.
Adam: Hey man, what's up?
by esspat February 02, 2006
54 23
the most awesomest flash series ever.
"let's watch blimpage."
by esspat October 24, 2003
1 6