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Someone who is slightly gay, who acts camp. They may be too young to realise they are actually gay.
Jeff is gayish, he plays footy like a ballerina.
by essexgal December 17, 2004
A man/boy who wears dresses or female clothes for pleasure, but also is a slag.
Joe is a trannyslag, just look at his huge, dress-like shirt.
by essexgal June 02, 2004
The Friends gang sit on their couch in Central Perk drinking coffee, however we dont drink coffee so we sit on a T-Bench in full view of the playground, drinking our Tea out of a thermos.
Oh look, theres the Tea-Girls sitting on the T-Bench!
by essexgal June 02, 2004
A girl who sits on the T-Bench drinking her tea from a thermos flask.
Oh there's Emma and Kate the Tea-Girls!
by essexgal June 02, 2004
A person who is not good enough to be a retard. Socialy lower than a geek and may be slightly mentally deformed.
If you live in essex you are a tard.
by essexgal June 01, 2004
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