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A combination of "bro" and "bud" spoken primarily by males who use them interchangeably and, hence, have difficulty picking between the two. A low-key term of endearment among friends.
"You gonna finish that last slice of pepperoni, brud?"

"I couldn't steal Filly's girl — he's my brud."
by essdogg January 19, 2010
An informational tidbit, AKA "fun fact," found on the popular reference website Wikipedia.
I spent the day looking up wikibits that would help me prepare for my upcoming appearance on "Jeopardy."
by essdogg July 06, 2010
The dreadlock hairstyle worn by 1) a caucasian male (AKA "honky") attempting to gain hip-hop or reggae authenticity; 2) a trustafarian prone to follow jam-band tours and not hold down a steady job; 3) a lesbian who enjoys such folk-punk artists as Ani DiFranco, who herself has worn dreadhonks dyed numerous colors of the rainbow.
"My brother's dreadhonks were down to his ass when he got back from the Widespread Panic tour."

"That dude thinks he looks real with those dreadhonks and sideways cap but he really just looks like Zombie L'il Wayne."

"I think I saw more dreadhonks at the Siren Festival than I've seen my entire life."
by essdogg October 28, 2009

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