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I think only people that live in Pennsylvania should be posting opinonated stuff on here,hmm?
I grew up next to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. Yes we have two different Super Wal-Marts and a Super Target. But we also have a couple different Starbucks incase you city slickers come by :) We also have a large array of over populated fast food restuarants,including many different McDonalds restuarants.
But we still have Starbucks :DDD
Home of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins,Pittsburgh Steelers,Philadelphia Eagles,and Penn State Lions.

(and for the record,we have an Abercrombie,a Hollister,and a couple different American Eagles. so put that in your pipe and smoke it.)

On a side note: We aren't all trailer parks and cow farms,assholes. We have indoor plumbing. I didn't grow up picking up cow crap every morning.
true Pennsylvania girls rule.
by esrurytdfhdfyi February 10, 2008
Best female country singer on the planet.
Newcomer Taylor Swift surely had alot to prove but she bit the bullet. Her songs are playing on my local country station all the time and I don't blame the DJ's.

Best song is Stay Beautiful. :]
Taylor Swift is awesome.
by esrurytdfhdfyi February 10, 2008
The guy that posted before I did has it allllll right.
George Strait is the King of Country and he rules the scene. If you turn on your local country station for an hour or two,it's hard NOT to hear one of his greatest hits.

all hail George! all hail George!

best songs include Amarillo By Morning,The Best Day,How About Them Cowgirls, and Carrying Your Love With Me.
George Strait is the most amazing country artist ever. And for being alittle old,he surely is rather attractive.
by esrurytdfhdfyi February 10, 2008
Okay people,let's stop the name-calling and get a real definition.

Wal-Mart is the worlds LARGEST discount shop. Many of its chains include bakeries,supercenters,tire-and-lube shops,gardens,etc. Alot of its merchandise is underpriced and actual brand name,so stop complaining. There's not going to be ants crawling around in your Wal-Mart purchased shampoo,okay? Get over yourself.
People are sad when it comes to definitions. Wal-Mart and Target aren't disease causing,people.
by esrurytdfhdfyi February 10, 2008

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