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2 definitions by esoterik

The Japanese version of the American Lexus GS series.
A: Yo man, I just got an Aristo shipped to America!
B: Never heard of it.
A: It's what we call in America the Lexus GS.
by esoterik August 01, 2005
This is a method to import a car (specifically from Japan.) It is basically the act of stripping a import car (that does not meet U.S. standards) down to its frame (taking out engine, wiring harness, interior, etc) and shipping the frame to America. After shipping the frame, the person then proceeds to individually ship the interior parts and after they are collected, replace them in the car. Now this is not the most legal route to go, but for example if you ship an import car over here(America), it will not have a valid VIN (vehicle identification number), so you will need to have a US spec donor car (buy one from junkyard, as long as you get the title, you're OK)...next step is to take every single VIN# plate off the wrecked car, and transfer it onto the imported car. As long as you don't go around bragging about how you got the car legalised, you'll be fine. IF police finds out what you've done...the car will be impounded and either shipped back to Japan (or wherever you got it) or most likely destroyed, and you will be facing number of fines and possibly some jail time.

The term "kit" is coined from the act of the way a kit car is put together... everything is put together individually, starting with the frame.
Hey I was wondering if I can get my Toyota Aristo into America via the kit car method
by esoterik August 01, 2005