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Sexual partner (male or female) with whom there is no danger of attachment, commitment or other complications. See also fuck buddy, fornifriend, friendship, slamp, slampiece.
What's she doing all holding your hand in public, I thought she was your fuckbuddy?
by eslampiece October 02, 2005
a friend with which one fornicates casually with on an ongoing or occasional basis.

a modern, more sophisticated synonym of the term "fuckbuddy"
John, meet my fornifriend Sally.

Together? No way, they're just fornifriends.

She's one of my best fornifriends.
by eslampiece August 21, 2005
Crude slang for liquid personal lubrication products such as Astroglide.
Nah, I spent the night in with a bottle of jerkoff juice.
by eslampiece December 19, 2006
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