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In Puerto Rico, refers to people for the high and high-middle classes. Roughly equivalent to "preppy" but with a more douchebag feel, and more tropical, although sometimes makes for ridiculous copies, for example, wearing cold weather clothes in the summer in Puerto Rico.

They all live in gated communities, go to private schools, and shop in chain stores and shopping malls.

The children tend to have a fetish with lower class culture, but the older ones are conservative and hypocritical.

It is not a term of endearment, but one of derision.

It has its origin in the port-manteau of "guaynabito" and "bicho" (which in Puerto Rico means "dick").

"Guaynabicha" is the female equivalent.
"Look at that guaynabicho, he has an Abercrombie and Fitch sweatshirt on but its 100 dregrees out!"

"Only a guaynabicho would get mad that they have kiddie pools in the housing proyects - after all he has a swimming pool in his home and his beach house."
by esekaese July 06, 2012
In Puerto Rico, someone who is a wannabe guaynabicho or guaynabicha.

Guayanabichos tend to be of higher class, no lower than middle-high. However a number of people from lower classes strive to appear higher than they are and imitate the affectation, manner of dress, politics, and other accouterments of guaynabichos.

This fools no one, specially not the real Guaynabichos, who take advantage of them and turn them into useful fools.

Port-manteau of "guaynabicho" and "wanna-be".
"You are such a guayna-be, wearing counterfeit Crocs and fake Lacoste"

"Only a guayna-be would vote for that guy"
by esekaese July 06, 2012
Hair loss and scalp scaling caused by wearing fedoras. Usually a signal the sufferer is euphoric.
My fedoriasis is acting up again, but I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.
by esekaese October 24, 2014
The pulmonary condition resulting from the repeated lifetime inhalation of Cheetos dust, usually present among basement dwellers, neckbeards, fedoras, and similar menz.
He died of orange lung, seems the last friendzone got to him. He was such a Nice Guy.
by esekaese October 23, 2014
First Day Communist Kid - a person new to to communism, marxism, marxism-leninism or marxism-leninism-maoism, who nevertheless thinks they know it all, even when facing actual communists telling them they are wrong.

This doesn't refer to them having a particular political position, just a lack of knowledge of even the sectarian positions they claim to have.

For example, a FDCK could lack knowledge of the Sino-Soviet split's importance or think that Scandinavia is market socialism.
FDCK: Maoist Rebel News is awesome!

Actual Communist: You are such a FDCK.
by esekaese October 26, 2015

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