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Words made up of advertising products.

Related to but not to be confused with uncabulary.
"My nose is running get me a Kleenex­®, please." would be an example of brandulary.
by Esau Kessler April 11, 2006
1. pro-mis-pronunciation: To purposely pronounce badly or incorrectly.
To walk into a coffee shop and order a "Grand" coffee for the pleasure of hearing the overstimulated staff covertly correct you by reapeating "A Grande?" would be defined as promispronunciation. Other good ones include EXpress-o(espresso) Kwee-shay (Quiche), or Horse Overies 'Hors d'oeuvres').
by Esau Kessler April 11, 2006
A condition in which one's memory of an opened email is disturbed. In simple terms it is the loss of memory of opening and viewing an email.
I opened the email, and then promptly forgot. It is as if I never received it. I occasionally suffer from E-mnesia.
by esau kessler October 23, 2008
mem-addicted (pr:MEEMdicted)
When a specific or general topic is constantly talked about, blogged about, texted, or IM'd. Overuse of an internet topic.
1. I found sugarcubes shaped like cinderblocks, I love cinderblocks. Artwork, candy, pastries anything shaped like cinderblocks. They have me entirely memedicted.

2. I eat, sleep, and drink zombies. I think I'm memedicted.
by Esau Kessler May 11, 2008
1.Internet Philosopher. 2.Intelectual type who spends copious amounts of time ruminating about the internet and it's workings.
After lurking on her blog her metadata indicates she is a self proclaimed netlosopher.
by Esau Kessler January 19, 2006
1. The distinctive language only intelligible by coffee drinkers referring to method of preparation and sizing often confusing for noobs. All of which contributes to a lack of logical thinking.
2. A specific distinctive language that each individual coffee shop uses to describe sizes and drinks often in direct conflict with competitors coffeespeak. A deliberate intent to exploit with the aim of oppressing coffee drinkers.
Example 1: "short skinny wet cappuccino"= small, low fat, with milk light brown espresso drink with a foam on top.
Example 2: short= smallest tall=small grande= medium and venti= large.
Example 3: Don't demean me with your coffeespeak. I am new here and I don't want any doubleplusungood, I just want a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso in it. Mondo, adshot, whatever!

"It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words."
by esau kessler February 18, 2008
The subscription order cards that fall out of magazines while you read them.
"Yeah I was reading at Barnes and Noble, and I whipped up a whole lotta' mag sheist!
by Esau Kessler January 13, 2006

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