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Evil - devilish bigsmile
I'm gonna make you cry >D
by ES March 07, 2005
- Verb.

A concentrated psychological state rendering outside thought lost, or garbled.

- An after affect of stress caused by years of bad coffee, and deals gone sour.
- Post affects of yarnsin include the loss of key long term memory, or important factual information.
I'm trying to explain somethin to you, but i never can cause your always Yarnesin'.
by ES November 05, 2004
Originated in Texas and is used to describe the 17 year old emo kid that lives there.
karamelkisses the seckzy emo kid shouldn't cry. She sits at home and listens to sad music all day and is a huge nerd ;)
by es July 06, 2004
a lemonhead who likes getting kicked out of english classes and kills hamsters for fun.
"Gifta!, why did you kill my hamster?!"

"Gifta, here is your deans referral."
by ES October 03, 2003
used to describe the sexy karamelkisses that is often on the Zoite IRC network.
karamelkisses returned at 2:57:24 PM
es (3:00:15 PM): wb bodga
karamelkisses (3:00:19 PM): bodga?
es (3:01:10 PM): you
by es July 07, 2004
German word for hash.
Der Kniebel wird gestreut und geraucht.
Eigentlich ganz einfach :-))
by es December 11, 2003
What Rainy from the famous Zoite IRC network does in her spare time.
* Rainy is away: Websitting
by es May 09, 2004

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