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he ruled Libya for 42 yrs and in that time squandered the oil/wealth for himself and his disgusting spawn. he changed the national flag to a green flag and introduced "the green book"... apparently his favorite color was green. he chose to live in a tent and traveled to different locations to avoid being followed...he had a serious case of paranoia. he denied the people freedom of speech. Speaking of which, his speeches were ALWAYS lengthy and rambly. he insisted becoming the king of Africa & Arab world... perhaps he was too humble to admit to the entire world. Clearly he was delusional and lost all grasps of reality.
In 1975, he conducted public hangings of political activists and anyone who spoke out against his regime. he then dragged the dead bodies via rope and car thru the town in order to set an example to the others. he killed a confirmed 1,500 prisoners in Abu Salim prison--most of whom were political activists. following the events of Tunis and Egypt, the Libyans gathered on February 17, 2011. he attempted to wipe out any anti-gaddafi protesters via outside mercenaries from South Africa, guns and air force. Most-if not all-of the country is Anti-gaddafi. He underestimated the power of the people.
*Note: Past tense was intentionally used in this because it's only a matter of days before this power-trippin motherfucker goes down.
Furthermore, the "g" in gaddafi and "h" in he is intentionally lower case to emphasize the lack of respect this fool gets.
I will go straight up gaddafi on your ass" or "you must be on that gaddafi shit"
by erx2010 February 24, 2011

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