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An economic situation where most normal people living in the US can not afford general or typical goods and services any longer. Named for President George Bush's economic policies favoring the Reagan style of 'trickle down' economics where the wealthy are entrusted to send wealth to the lower classes. IT never works out that way.
I lost my job in customer service to an Indian. Its ok, I can't afford gas in the bush economy anyway to get to work.
by erock82 May 21, 2008
an exclamation generally used for something positive or in the affirmative. usually used in the deep south.
hot damn shes a hot one.

last night was awesome, hot damn!
by erock82 May 26, 2008
A modification of the common word 'generous' mainly used by old gay men in a chat room to indicate their desire to pick up a hooker. No one is sure why they use that word instead of the real one other than to avoid notice of law enforcement officials. Also can appear as genru$ further indicating a desire for a financial transaction in exchange for sex.
65 y/o seeks younger for a good time. Genrus here.
by Erock82 July 19, 2008
A play on common US clothing brand 'Abercromby and Fitch' to aptly describe the demeaning behavior of the patrons of that business. These people pay outrageous prices to wear clothes that look pre-worn and have advertising stamped all over them in large bold lettering.

Commonly purchased by suburbanite children with too much money, very very gay boys, or straight guys that wont be straight for long. They often think you are a lesser person for not wearing the brand daily and blatantly. They believe foolishly that they are somehow more important or empowered by their tattered jeans and wrinkled shirts.

see: fool, moron, fake, flake, plastic
This little abercomby and bitch type talked to me the other day but lost interest after I mentioned I don't have time for pansie princesses.
by Erock82 July 19, 2008

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