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synonym for laughing out loud, however, here you're doing it "pig style"!
Jon: I'm sorry officer, I've left my documents at home...
Officer Cartson: Yes! you always do! get in the van! LOIIIIIIIIINNNNNNC! LOINC! LOINC!
by eristoff March 18, 2008
Rir Alto Como o Caralho!
Portuguese synonym of LOL (Laughing Out Loud)
Question: Have you seen the clip "The Badger Song"?
Answer: Yes, RACC!
by eristoff February 13, 2008
A sexual performance where the woman stays in the middle of two men performing oral sex on one and going doggy-style on the other.
They should be drinking beer and doing HI5's with their hands.
man#1 - yeah! this bitch blows!
man#2 - yeah dude! HI5!!!
CLAP! CLAP! (hands claping)
man#1 - we should hi5 some more bitches!
man#2 - yeah!!! hi5's rock!!!
by eristoff March 14, 2008

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